1. How many members are in OWIT?


The OWIT network currently extends across 25 chapters located in Central, North, and South America, Western Europe, Africa, and the Middle East with approximately 3,000 individual members around the world. This dynamic global network presents unique opportunities to establish relationships with international trade and business professionals around the world.


2. Does membership in the Tampa Bay chapter give me access to the International membership?


Yes, your local chapter membership automatically makes you part of The OWIT Network.


3. Is OWIT a nonprofit? Where is its headquarters?

Yes. OWIT is a non-profit organization registered in Washington D.C.

4. Does it have any determined legal form - association, foundation, private foundation other?

OWIT is a 501(c)6 organization (United States)


5. Does OWIT partner with any other organization?

Yes, OWIT partners with WeConnect International, The International Alliance for Women (TIAW), the Global Summit of Women, the African Women Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP). Please follow these links for more information

WEConnect International  -  http://weconnectinternational.org/en/
The International Alliance for Women - http://www.tiaw.org/
Global Summit of Women - http://www.globewomen.org/
African Women Entrepreneurship Program  – please contact Andrea Ewart, OWIT Executive VP, at E-VP2@owit.org for more information

Address: PO Box 75688, Tampa, FL 33605

Email: itrade@tbowit.org

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