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Meet our Electric Supply Corporate Members

11 Jan 2021 11:08 AM | TB OWIT (Administrator)

Electric Supply is Florida’s largest independent electrical and voice data video distributor serving both local and international electrical contractors, utility companies, industrial facilities, institutions and low voltage installers. The company was founded in 1970 by the Adams family with George Adams, Sr. as the founder. As part of Electric Supply’s succession planning and goal to be sustainable as an independent distributor, an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) was established in 2011 and all employees are now co-owners of Electric Supply. Electric Supply’s team is 140+ members strong, backed up with the assets to furnish electrical and data communication materials to local or offshore customers. Earning the trust of individual team members, customers, and suppliers has been the cornerstone of Electric Supply's success. This success has been realized by honoring commitments, one commitment at a time. 

TBOWIT is proud to have Electric Supply as a corporate member and TBOWIT spent time with three members of the international sales team to learn more about them.  Please meet Narkaly Fernández, Lisa Eckel, and Alex Vazquez in their own words.

Narkaly Fernández, International Sales Division
Lisa Eckel, International Sales Division
Alex Vazquez
, International Sales Division

1. What kind of work do you do?

Narkaly: I work as an Inside Sales Representative for our overseas customers. I help them to cover their electrical needs, offering products and looking for solutions to any and all electrical problems. 

Lisa: At Electric Supply, I provide customer support to our customers, process purchase orders and maintain inventory levels to ensure our customer needs are met. 

Alex: I’m an inside sales rep for the International division of Electric Supply. 

2. Who is your ideal client?

Narkaly: Out of all the areas in the Electrical Industry, I feel most confident working with Utility companies. 

Lisa: Utility Customers.

Alex: Electrical Contractors, Exporter. 

3. What advice would you give women (and men) entering the “company industry” today?

Narkaly: The Electrical Industry is a very challenge industry and very competitive, but at the same time very interesting. A person that is entering this industry needs to keep an open mind, adapt well to changes, and be eager to learn something new every day, and finally, to always be positive. 

Lisa: Learn as much as you can, always be up for a challenge and know that everyday can bring new challenges and opportunities. 

4. How has COVID-19 affected your job/company?

Narkaly: I think that COVID-19 has come to change our life in the entire planet. We in Electric Supply and as an essential company never stopped working. We only moved our job from the office to working remotely. At the beginning, it was a little hard but once we realized that this was not for a short period, we created a new way to do our jobs, adapting and learning more about technology and how to use it for work purposes. I guess it has been successful, everybody has adapted to it. 

Lisa: COVID-19 has made us adapt to a new way of working.  We have almost all had to learn how to do our jobs remotely and work with a more flexible schedule.  I feel we have also become more creative with how we handle our day-to-day work. 

Alex: It has affected us tremendously with life changes and the way we do our work. 

5. What do you like most about your job/company?

Narkaly: In my International department, I like to work with customers abroad with different cultures, needs, and languages.  At Electric Supply, we are more than employees. We are a big family. We take care of each other and that is the key of our success. 

Lisa: What I like most about Electric Supply is that everybody that works here is important. We all carry a very important part in Electric Supply’s success. They treat all employees equally and truly care about everyone’s needs.

Alex: The family feel work environment the company provides and my co-workers. 

6. How long have you been a member of TBOWIT and what drew you to TBOWIT?

Corporate Members since 2017  

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