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Amalie Oil Opens Their Doors to TBOWIT

01 Dec 2016 11:19 AM | TB OWIT (Administrator)

It’s not every day that you get to take a tour of a highly successful global company to see and hear firsthand how they do what they do! A group of TBOWIT members got that chance this past November when Amalie Oil opened their doors and ushered us into a whole different world. To say that it was cool is an understatement!

You might recognize Amalie Oil’s name from their naming rights to Amalie Arena. Amalie Oil and its predecessor have been around for a long time and we got an in-depth tutorial from Denny Madden, Senior VP, Global Sales & Marketing. We learned how the company grew from gasoline stations to toll blending. We learned the ebbs and flows of the oil industry. We learned about the efficiencies that Amalie has gained by being located in a port. We learned about the necessity of chemistry and testing and formulation. We learned about the logistics of getting product to market efficiently. We learned about best practices and always striving to improve from in-house technology to reducing the amount of plastic in quart sized bottles. We learned that you have to pass a lot of tests before the major oil companies trust you enough to try you out.

Trust Amalie – they do! Today, Amalie deals with selling their branded oil products, toll blending which is blending for other companies, and blending for private labels. Amalie has done work for all major oil companies out there including Shell, Gulf, Total (French owned), Advanced Auto, O’Reily, and A LOT more!

After an informative, friendly, and oftentimes humorous presentation by Mr. Denny Madden, we were given a tour of Amalie’s facility and warehouse. The warehouse alone covers two city blocks. We were given an extensive tour into all of the nooks and crannies of the terminal with lots of questions being answered. We walked from the loading docks through the warehouse through the pallet packing site through the heart of the blending operation through the testing area and ended with an in-depth look into how the filling bottle assemble line works. We could just be global business, manufacturing nerds, but it was exciting to see this business in person!

TBOWIT can’t thank Amalie Oil and Mr. Madden enough for taking the time out of his busy schedule to not only give us a presentation and tour, but to give us a real inside look into the heart of Amalie Oil. We were duly impressed as will anyone who gets to see this state-of-the art international company.










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